Dr. McClain has been a Radiologist with Rome Radiology Group since 2006.
A graduate of Georgia State University and the Medical College of Georgia, he completed a Diagnostic Radiology Residency and a Musculoskeletal Radiology Fellowship at the University of Virginia
He has been a driving force in improving Radiology in Rome. According to Dr. Kirk Kizziah, Dr. McClain’s partner and the current Rome Radiology Board President, “Dr. McClain has added countless innovations and business solutions to our practice, working long hours to make us more efficient as a group, and allowing us to constantly elevate our standards of care. He tirelessly cares for patients and frequently gives of his own time to make our lives easier and our practice thrive”.

Dr. McClain’s activities and awards past and present:
– HCA Research Institute Clinical Research Investigator 2020
-Founder of Plasma Therapy non-profit March 2020-developed to coordinate an facilitate collecting, banking and administration of Convalescent Plasma for COVID-19 in conjunction with Blood Assurance
– Board of Directors The Exchange Club Family Resource Center
– President of Rome Radiology 2014-2018
-Chief Resident Medical College 2003-2004
– Georgia State delegate to the American College of Radiology 2002-2005
-Outstanding President of the Year Medical College Of Georgia Diagnostic Radiology 2003-2003
– Pediatric Radiology Student of the Year Medical College of Georgia 2000
Even before the national recognition of the potential impact of COVID-19, Dr. McClain anticipated the challenges and potential impact on our community. He devoted hours upon hours of research in an effort to understand the virus and innovative therapy options. In addition to his full-time profession as a radiologist, he created a non-profit organization in spring of 2020, Plasma Therapy, dedicated to supporting the medical community with treatment options for COVID-19. He participated with Mayo Clinic as a principal Investigator in their Convalescent Plasma Expanded Access study and began enrolling and treating patients mid-April. He led our local convalescent plasma program, spending countless hours researching protocols, writing protocols, submitting applications to the FDA, presenting to internal review boards at the facilities, fielding media interviews, coordinating with blood banks, creating a website to educate the community and provide a point of contact for potential plasma donors.
Another former radiology partner of Dr. McClain’s, Dr. Bill Harbin, describes him as “an individual with the highest standards, a tremendous work ethic and a deep and sincere dedication to patient welfare.” He goes on to state, “The establishment of this (convalescent plasma) program required the designation of a principal medical investigator, a role that Matt enthusiastically shouldered…. without Matt’s vision and hard work, the plasma therapy that many patients received in Rome and Floyd County likely would not have occurred, and some may not have survived COVID-19.”
Additional comments by a Plasma Therapy board member described Dr. McClain as someone who “selflessly battled for the greater good of our community” during a health care crisis in addition to his full-time profession and role as a husband and father. “He sought hope early and relentlessly pursued answers…..He is not someone to sit back and wait for others to act and his passion for his community always overshadowed his concern for himself’.
According to Dr. Kirk Kizziah, “Following tireless efforts in research and developing protocols. our small town was able to successfully treat one the first patients in the country with plasma, much earlier than many of the academic institutions.”

Dr. McClain is married to Heather McClain and they are the parents of 4 children, Jack. William, Lily Anne and Analise.


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