The business award this year was awarded to International Paper.  Those who nominated them state that “There company driven projects are truly committed to improving the lives of the people who live in Floyd County.”

The majority of International Paper’s donations and contributions support projects or programs focused on their Signature Causes- children’s education, hunger, health and wellness, and disaster relief.

Community Projects and efforts include:

    *Volunteer efforts at Bagwell Food Pantry monthly
    * Donation of butterfly kits to local  schools to promote environmental education
    * Annual golf tournament supporting the United Way of Rome and Floyd County ($80,000 in 2019)
    *  Annual Fall food drive for the Community Kitchen
    *  Angel Tree gift donations every holiday season
    * Donation of turkeys to local food banks every holiday season
    * Supporters of STEM programs in the county though hands-on visits to local schools
    *Facility and Foundation grants of $1000,000 to local organizations
    * Paper donation to Knights of Columbus and local schools
    * Partner in Prosperity supporter of the Chamber of Commerce

Many of the 551 employees also serve on local boards in and around Floyd County.