Hardy Realty, 2022 HOC Business Award Recipient

Hardy Realty

Hardy Realty recently developed a company initiative that focuses on volunteer work, community service and donations. CEO Jimmy Byars has spent years contributing his time to this community and has cultivated a strong volunteer ethic among his agents and staff.

They will often be seen volunteering or donating to the following:

DaviesHome Shelters                                                     Desoto Theatre
Free Clinic                                                                     Open Door Home
One Community United                                             Sexual Assault Center
Heart of the Community                                            Junior Service League
Java Joy of Rome                                                         TRED of Rome
United Way                                                                   Cancer Navigators
American Red Cross                                                    South Rome Redevelopment
Elevation House                                                          South Rome Early Learning Center
Boys and Girls ClubRome International Film Festival
Boy Scouts                                                                   Keep Rome Beautiful
Shakespeare Festival                                                  Habitat for Humanity
One Table Rome                                                          CRBI

Nominator: “Jimmy Byars, CEO, works to ensure this community is positioned for growth and the future while providing help to those living  in the shadows and on the fringes.”

2022 Award Recipients:

David Thornton, 2022 HOC Award Recipient

David Thornton is a native of Rome. He and his wife, Teresa, have five children and 13 grandchildren. His community activities include:

-Chaplain:  Floyd County Police Department
Floyd County Sheriff’s Office
Gordon County Sheriff’s Office
Metro Drug Task Force
-Georgia Homeland Security Division
-Sr. Chaplain Emeritus Georgia Sheriff’s Association
-Armuchee High Football Team

-Leader of Mission Trips to Israel and Greece

-Founder of Essential Church for First Responders
-Leads local ministers in service at the jail and other local needs in the community
-Active in Rome GA Cares Program for Hurricane Relief
-Vice-President Rome Noon Optimist Club
-Referee for High School Basketball
-Volunteer Coach

Nominator: “He takes care of our officers and their families, the incarcerated, our community, and other communities. We are so very fortunate to have someone as selfless as David Thornton here in Floyd County. He truly cares about ALL people and takes action to make lives better.”

2022 Award Recipients: