In recognition of his upcoming retirement and the importance of his contribution to heart health and care, the Heart of the Community Foundation is presenting an Honorary Award of Honor to Dr. Daniel Goldfaden.

Born in Detroit. Michigan in 1951, Dr. Goldfaden knew the only thing he didn’t want to study was medicine. By the time he got to his third year in college he decided that medicine was the best option for him.

He attended the University of Michigan for undergraduate and medical school.  He knew as soon he entered medical school he wanted to study Cardiology.

During his residency, he met Dr. John Kirkland who was from Rome and who was doing his Surgery Residency at the University of Michigan as well.

After Kirkland returned to Rome to start the Vascular Surgery program, he approached Dr. Goldfaden into visiting Rome.

When the certificate of need for Cardiovascular Surgery was approved, he was again approached about returning to Rome to begin the program at Redmond Park Hospital. The program began in 1986.

Thirty years later he and his team do about 450 Open Heart Surgeries each year.

A highly respected mentor to  medical students and residents, Dr. Goldfaden will be missed when he retires.

Northwest Georgia Is very lucky to have a family member and friend like Dr. Daniel Goldfaden.

We are glad he chose Rome and recognize him with this Honorary Award of Honor for his commitment to heart health and care.